Nightingale Healthcare Professionals provides emergency medical training. We Provide Advance Training to businesses,community groups, corporations, education centers, healthcare providers through out Seattle WA and All Over United States. Our Team of Healthcare Professionals helps you choose what is best for you.

Our Mission is to provide Advance Training to healthcare professionals and organizations with high-quality emergency medical training. We teach healthcare professionals continuous quality improvement solutions to improve patient's outcome from stroke, and adverse medical events.  Our Mission is to help saving lifes every single second in community.

Our team of Certified instructors includes Nurse Practitioners, Physican Assistants, RNs, Respiratory Therapists, Paramedics, and Medical Doctors. We Train healthcare professionals to improve patient outcome.

Our Training involves live simulation with instructor-led debriefing to best develop team-based communication and emergent medical care.  Optional exercises are included with every course to best ensure ongoing knowledge retention, effective decision making, and critical skills performance.

Our training includes Basis Life Support CPR, Trainings for CNA and Review Courses to help them prepare for Board Exams. We also provide Clinical Knowledge and Hands on Experience which helps students build their confidence to perform well under pressure. Our Team of Experienced Doctors Put together all the blueprints for USMLE Review Courses for Future doctors to master in all 3 steps. Talk to our team of Professionals  to choose what is best for your future.